about us


We play a crucial role in the functioning of complex real estate transactions in the city of Hamilton, and therefore in the business of Hamilton as a whole. This is true across all of our service lines — because of our extensive local market experience, we can offer our clients transaction services and service methodologies explicitly tailored for the current market standing and their circumstance.

With hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction experience, the members of Legacy Realty’s Commercial Division have been involved with the Hamilton Real Estate community since 2009. The expertise you will find at Legacy Realty’s Commercial Division applies to all aspects of the real estate ecosystem. We have specialists in multi-family, retail, industrial, office, and land. From purchases to sales to leasing,

Legacy Realty is best equipped to service the needs of our clients. We aim to lead with passion, pride and purpose, to exceed performance benchmarks and produce results for our clients of the highest quality. Continuous improvement is critical to the way we operate, and quality is the key to our culture.

building your legacy


Before forming Legacy Realty, our co-founder Derek served as both founder and Broker of Record at Ambitious Realty Advisors, where he grew the brokerage to 30 sales representatives and led Hamilton in commercial transaction counts. It was through this experience that Legacy’s management gained an appreciation for the practical trials and tribulations that business owners face daily. Furthermore, Legacy understands that our client’s property holdings are only a segment of their broader business portfolio. It is through this lens that we are continually looking for synergies and opportunities beyond the confines of a single real estate transaction.

Legacy is comprised of individuals who have become known as leaders in commercial real estate, specializing in complex and challenging transactions. Our group has achieved this while fostering the education of the community by offering training and presentations on various aspects of the commercial market. Accumulatively, the group at Legacy have founded multiple businesses and held millions of dollars in property over their burgeoning careers in the industry. Looking forward, recruiting, managing and retaining top talent, and developing high-performing teams and outstanding leaders are some of the top targets as we strive to provide clients with continued success.