Joint Venture Announced for “Burlington GO Lands”

On June 4th, 2019 InterRent REIT announced a joint venture agreement with the CLV Group and Brookfield Property Partners.  The partnership will be responsible for creating a mixed-use development on three land parcels that were acquired for a total of $65 million.  The land assembly is located on Fairview Street between Guelph Line and Brant […]

Downtown Hamilton’s 2018 Office Stats

At the beginning of June, the City of Hamilton released a report stating that the downtown office vacancy rate was 12.7% in 2018. This was a 1% drop from 2017 and the rate has been on a decline since 2015. This figure is much higher than the 4.9% office vacancy that is seen across the […]

Residential Spring Market Is Heating Up

The residential real estate market in Hamilton is gaining momentum as there were 18.5% more sales in April than there were in March.  The average price saw a modest gain as it increased 3.3 percent year-over-year, and sits just above $516,000 year-to-date.  The neighbourhoods of Hamilton West and Hamilton Centre saw the greatest increase in […]

Low Canadian Dollar Provides Opportunity

The loonie has declined since its two-year peak at 82.6¢ in 2017 compared to the US Dollar.  While its currently sitting around 74¢ many analysts presume the value of the Canadian Dollar will either remain steady or continue its decline in value.  In Canada, these market conditions specifically favour the industrial export sector and thus […]

The 2019 Federal Budget

On March 19th the Liberal government announced its 2019 budget. The budget introduced a plan to increase housing affordability through the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive. CMHC would provide 5% of the purchase price for existing homes and 10% for new homes. It is unclear if it is the same dollar amount or the same percentage […]

Changing Retail Environment

Within the next two years, IKEA is set to open 30 city-centre stores worldwide.  The Swedish retailer is adapting to consumer’s needs as they will be opening urban stores featuring items only available for delivery.  Specifically, their Manhattan location will be 17,500 square feet and is set to open this spring.  This new business model […]

2018: Canada’s Second Highest Year For Real Estate Investment

Canada’s real estate industry continued to see a high level of activity with more than $34 billion invested in 2018.  The industrial sector led the way, with more than $8 billion in sales, as the retail industry continued transitioning from brick and mortar locations to online sales.  There has been a subsequent shift in their […]

Economic Slowdown Ahead?

In the last few weeks, there has been an increase in the number of indicators pointing towards a global economic slowdown.  Historically the economy progresses in decade-long cycles.  Recent history has been no different with mild recessions in ‘90 and ‘01, and the Global Financial Crisis in 2008.  A few weeks ago, Canada, the United […]

Why you should get a Home Inspection

Purchasing a house is one of the largest purchases that most people will ever make. It is important to make the decision to purchase the right house. Purchasing the wrong house can cause a lot of expense. When purchasing a house, a home inspection is an important part of the process. When your Realtor writes […]

Hamilton – Canada’s Most Diverse Economy

Once known solely as a steel town, Hamilton has grown into Canada’s most diverse economy. Hamilton obtained this prestigious title with an Economic Diversification Rating of 0.94 as per The Conference Board of Canada. The closer the score is to a perfect 1.0 the more similar an area’s economy reflects Canada’s as a whole. With […]